Exotic Big Cats For Sale

Exotic Big Cats for Sale
People are easily fascinated by things that they see as special and unique, and for many people in the United States, exotic big cats certainly get their attention. Owning an exotic big cat has become a desire of enthusiasts across the nation. However, before becoming too attached to the idea, there are important considerations you should know about in regards to having an exotic big cat as your pet.

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Popular Cat Species
1. Cheetah
2. Leopard
3. Cougar
4. Lions
5. Tigers
6. Bobcats
7. Servals

TigerReasons for Owning an Exotic Big Cat
In addition to the facination of having such a unique animal as a pet, people have other motivations for buying an exotic big cat. Business owners can use them as attractions for people to see or have pictures taken with. Homeowners enjoy the thrill of having such a large, powerful cat as a pet. Seeing a Tiger in someone's backyard is certainly more intimidating than having a guard dog. Big cats are especially popular among the wealthy, who can afford to own and get help on caring for them if needed.

Concerns about Exotic Big Cat as a Pet
Though exotic cats may seem cute and cuddly when they are little, as they grow they can become expensive, dangerous and damaging. The cats are only small kittens for a matter of two or three months and then they remain as big cats for the next 15 years or so. Once they are grown, they are expensive to feed, pay for veterinary services, clean up after and replace damaged property. It’s estimated that you will spend around $2,300 caring for an exotic cat in its first year when it’s little and after it grows big, you can expect to pay $8,000 annually. That means you will most likely be paying over $100,000 to care for a big exotic cat throughout its lifetime, not to mention they are expensive to purchase in the first place.

Average Price for Popular Exotic Big Cats
• Bobcat - $500
• Caracals - $2,200
• Servals – $1,000
• Tiger - $2,500
• Ocelots - $15,000

Ownership Laws
Due to the great responsibility in owning and caring for a big exotic cat, laws have been made regarding having one as a pet. You need state and federal permits to own an exotic big cat, which may be difficult to obtain, and keep them up to date or the cat can be confiscated or killed. Standards may vary from state to state but in general there are always laws in place regarding safety and the care of the cat. One requirement is that you have at least five acres of land so the cat has room to run and there must be a roof and an eight foot perimeter fence to keep the cat on your property.

Even with the laws in place, there are still dangers involved in owning such a large, wild cat. Though the expenses of owning and caring for an exotic big pet may seem like the biggest issue, the real concern is for the health and well being of the cat and people around it. Exotic cats are wild by nature and still have the instincts of survival. Even if they have been raised since kittens and trained to live around people, they have still been known to attack their owners or other people. If they aren’t treated properly or are frightened, they can be dangerous to be around.

Animal Rescue
Rescued LeopardNot only is an exotic big cat a risk for humans to have as a pet, but it is also dangerous for the cat itself. If not cared for properly, the cat could become unhealthy and die. Big cats require a lot of food each week to stay healthy and if underfed, they can become malnourished. Also, if it doesn’t have sufficient space to exercise and run, it can get sick. In fact, the majority of exotic animals that are bought as pets die within two years of ownership due to lack of proper care.

Many people who buy exotic big cats don’t realize the responsibility it takes and are in way over their head. There are animal rescue organizations specifically dedicated to saving exotic big cats from owning who can’t take care of them properly. Therefore, it’s not recommended for homeowners to have exotic big cats as pets. If you do choose to get one, be sure to research and learn as much as you can about it and its care for preparation as well as for the safety of you and the cat.